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Omaha Hi-Lo Poker at the Online Casino

Omaha Hi-Lo looks similar to Texas Holdem when you play at the online casino but it is actually a much different game. Omaha Hi-Lo is a split pot game and you get four hole cards instead of the two you get in Texas Holdem. You have to use exactly two cards from your hand and also use three from the board.

You want to remember that strong starting hands are ones that work together in Omaha. You are not just playing for the high hand in Omaha Hi-Lo, but you are playing for the low end too. A hand that has AKQ would be strong but so would A23. You have to realize in Omaha Hi-Lo that the true goal is scooping the pot. That means taking both the high and the low. If the flop doesn't favor your hand then you immediately have lost a shot at one side. You don’t want to be playing mid-range cards as starting hands; you want cards on either the high or the low end. You also have to remember that as with regular Omaha, pairs rarely win. You also have to remember that just because you have the high hand doesn’t mean you have the low hand.

Starting hands are probably more important in Omaha Hi-Lo than in any other poker game so keep that in mind. You must be much more selective and patient than in any other poker game. Stick with only the strong starting hands and realize that everyone else is probably going to play nearly everything and you will have a chance to win when playing Omaha Hi-Lo at the online casino.

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