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Playing Connectors in Texas Holdem Poker

Some of the most profitable hands to play in Texas Holdem are connectors. These hands are usually well hidden and can pay off big when they hit. Let’s look at Texas Holdem poker connectors.

Play Texas Holdem at Full Tilt Poker

Connecting hands are those that are in sequence like 8-9, 10-Jack, etc. It is better for you if they are suited because you then can not only hit the straight but a flush. And keep in mind that connectors are also better if you are drawing to the high end of the straight. For example if you have 2-4, and the flop comes ace-3-5 you have a straight but someone else could be holding a 4-6 and have you beat. Medium connectors have some value while higher ranked connectors have even more value.

Keep in mind that when you hit a flush with small connector cards that another player may have a flush as well and his could be bigger than yours. Players sometimes get too excited with straights and flushes on the low end and forget that they don’t hold the nuts. When you are in late position you can play connectors more often because you can usually get in cheaply and you will have position throughout the hand.

Keep in mind that connectors are not worth playing if you can’t get into the pot cheaply. And remember that connector cards are more valuable in No Limit Holdem rather than Limit Holdem because you can really hit a big hand and rake in a big pot.

Enjoy playing connectors in Texas Holdem at the online casino.

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