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Aussie Millions Final Table Decided

Day 4's magnificent seven will all earn bigtime

The final table for the 2007 Aussie Millions has been decided after some hectic action on Day 4 to whittle the Final Fourteen down to a magnificent seven, all of whom will earn major pay checks. The winner will collect $1.5 million, and even the first player to be eliminated today will pocket a check for $220 000.

Sitting down for the televised decider will be:

  • Jimmy Fricke $5.175 million in chips
  • Gus Hansen $4.845 million
  • Andrew Black $2.1 million
  • Kristy Gazes $1.05 million, the only female player left.
  • Julius Colman $785 000
  • Marc Karam $535 000
  • Hans Martin Vogl $455 000

It was a tough battle to make that table, with fourteen players starting on Day 4 from the original Aussie Millions entry field of 747.

Patrick Fletcher was the first casualty of Day 4, sent to the rail by UK player Andy Black in the number 14 slot. The only women player left in the tournament, Kristy Gazes played with confidence and aggression, out-staring opponents and generally dominating her table.

Next man out was Patrik Antonius, at one time the early chip leader and a hot favourite to win. He was eliminated as number 13 by Gus Hansen in a tense exchange with $500 000 at risk. Paul Wasicka, the heads-up opponent of winner Joe Hachem in the 2006 WSOP Final hit the road next after a run-in with the incredible Jim Fricke, and Swedish student Jonas Buskas followed in 12 position when he had a run-in with Julius Coleman. Buskas, a student who qualified online at Full Tilt Poker and was playing in his first live contest will be pleased with his performance...and the $120 000 in prize money and respect that he generated.

10th position went to Curly Seal after a confrontation with Andy Black, who raised $75 000 from the button, with Seal moving all-in from the small blind. Seal had Q-J and Andy Black called with A-J. The flop was Ac-Qc-4c. Black was ahead with top pair and also had the Jc for a flush draw. The turn and river didn't help Seal and he left the table to collect $120 000 as well.

Dennis Huntly, who seemed to be having trouble with decisions, and provoked a time warning headed for the exit in 9th place after a clash with Marc Karam. Although disappointed, there was a $155 000 check to ease the pain.

Now down to eight players, the action moved to the TV environment to decide the final table seven. Although the action eased with more cautious play, it was not long before Jakob Glassl became yet another victim of Jimmy Fricke and was on his way home.

The rewards for the remaining seven players are rich: the winner will pick up $1.5 million, with the runner up collecting a million. Thereafter the prize list looks like this:

  • 3rd Place: $700,000
  • 4th Place: $500,000
  • 5th Place: $400,000
  • 6th Place: $300,000
  • 7th Place: $220,000

The final table convenes at 1.00pm Melbourne time.



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