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Full Tilt Helps P.P.A. Recruiting Drive

Full Tilt bonuses for player who join the Poker Players' Alliance

In a move to boost recruitment for the Poker Players' Alliance the Full Tilt Poker.com site has informed its members that they can get up to a thousand dollars in bonuses if they sign up for the poker advocacy body.

In an email to members, the site encouraged enrolment in the PPA and suggested that it was time for poker players to react over the recent crackdown on online gaming sites by the U.S. Government. The letter, in part, reads: "Although many legal scholars would argue that online poker should not be affected by the UIGEA, we believe the law's lack of clarity can only harm the game unless an express exemption is granted under the UIGEA. You should be outraged that, in a rush to passage, poker did not receive the objective review it deserves, and did not already get this express exemption while lotteries, horse racing, and fantasy sports were all given free passes. We demand that Congress address this grievous oversight now.”

The letter explained that the Alliance's top goal for 2007 was to achieve an exemption from the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) for poker.

The UIGEA did include one provision that was actually friendly to Internet gambling companies: It gives states the ability to regulate Internet gambling within state borders, giving the PPA another avenue to recognition.

Players can earn bonuses based on what level of PPA membership they register for. Membership fees escalate through the different levels, and the bonuses are based on this ranking:

  • Standard member, $20, players receive a $50 bonus
  • Supporting member, $40, players receive a $100 bonus
  • Contributing member, $100, players receive a $200 bonus
  • Distinguished member, $1,000, players receive a $1,000 bonus

Players can also sign up for free and receive a freeroll to the PPA tournament where 18 personalised Full Tilt jerseys will be given away. All players who sign up at any level before March 5 receive an entry into this event.

With a membership already in excess of 100 000, the PPA should receive a surge of new blood as a result of the Full Tilt initiative, and the increase will not only grow its financial resources, but its influence.

Posted: March 22, 2007


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